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1. Unterrichtseinheit gratis !

1. Unterrichtseinheit gratis !

Group/Individual English Exam Preparation Classes:SAT,ACT, TOEFL,IELTS, GMAT, CAMBRIDGE CAE-CPE, PTE AcademicS, GRE, FCE, PET

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I provide Exam Prep courses for English Language Tests and University Entrance.You will have the option to have classes on a specific schedule or choosing freely depending on your availability.I will prepare a plan based on your language needs and level, just for you.My classes Include:
-Writing Section Techniques (Complex Sentence Structures, Connectors and Phrases)
-Reading Section Mapping Teaching and Problem Solving
-Speaking Section Timing Control, Topic Analysis and Context Check
-Listening Section Practices for Better Understanding and Questions Solving Types
For SAT and ACT:Mathematics Questions Understanding and Solving alongside with Supplying Specific Textbooks for Math and Physics
-Vocabulary Improvement and Memorising Techniques
-Accent Improvement/Correction with Phonetics Classes
-Supplying Some of the Most Commonly Used Books So You Won’t Have to Pay Hefty Amounts on Materials
-Grammar All Tenses and Modals Review/Improvement
-Reading Training for Better Understanding (According to Your
-Learning Most Commonly Used Idioms and Phrases

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I would be glad to explain further.


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Hello, my name is Nergiz.I am 24 years old.I can speak native Turkish, Fluent C2 Level English, A2 Level Italian and I am currently a student in Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering in Torino/Italy.I have been teaching for 5 years.I am trained in SAT/ACT Teaching and Academic English alongside with TOEFL/ IELTS/PTE and Cambridge CAE-CPE..After receiving my TEFL certificate to better my teaching skills, I wanted to share my knowledge, techniques, experiences with new students even more and help them love learning rather than see learning as an obligation.I think especially after this covid-19 situation, people rely on technology and online interactions even more.As a student whose major is technology related with a passion for language studies, I would love to show my students that with a right tutor and great material, language learning is a fun way of improving yourself for a bright future.In my classes I aim to improve your english level to an academic level or daily speaking level.I teach TOEFL, IELTS,SAT,ACT,PTE,Cambridge CAE-CPE, Business English, Elementary/Middle/Highschool/University and Daily English alongside with providing you the necessary textbooks.Somethings I am passionate about are technology, art, reading and travelling which I usually use for a speaking topic in my classes.As a person who is still facing the struggles of learning a new language, living in a country with a different language, I know how frustrating it can be to keep working on learning so I am very patient and I will try different teaching techniques until you learn our topics fully.Everyone learns in a different way so we’ll test together to see which way is the most suited for you.I hope i will get a chance to teach you, see you soon.



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1. Unterrichtseinheit gratis

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